Siamese fighting fish

Life span: 2 to 3 years

Temperature: 70-75F

Siamese fighting fish are also known as betta. They originate from south east Asia, where they live in shallow water in rice filds. Wild bettas are normally round tail bettas but fancy bettas found in shops etc come in an amazing variety of colours and fin shapes . They are fairly easy to keep. Betta can be housed with other fish as long as they are comunity and not fin nippers. They should not be housed with other male bettas hence the name siamese fighting fish as they will fight each other to death though some people say you can keep two together if you have enough space for them to get away from each other though i still wouldnt advise this. Recently (march 2010) i bought 3 round tail bettas which were suppost to be 2 females and a male but have turned out to be all boys and as they have lived together so far for all there life before i got them i am currently keeping them together i havent seen any aggression from them yet, they have only been displaying to each other but as soon as i see any rough play they will be seperated. Males can be housed with female bettas but i have found that the male constantly pesters the female so it is best to house them seperatly and only put them together to breed then remove the female.

Bettas come in a variety of colours and tail shapes below shows the different tail shapes you can get and  some of the different colours that are arround.                                                                   

Varieties of betta

Round Tail

 Round tail bettas are closest looking to wild bettas. There tail fin is about the same size as there head. Sexing roundtail bettas can be quiet hard as both are the same size.


Veil tail

 This type is very popular, this is the type that is mostly sold in fish shops. The genes of this fish are dominant so they are very common. There tail is fairly narrow and long and tends to droop.


double tail

 This type has two actual tail fins.


Delta tail

Delta tail fish have tails which are roughlt trianglar, they are very neat looking and have short fins.


Half moon 

Half moon tail fish are like delta tails just there tail have been extended. There tails are true half circles.


Comb tail 

These fish are usually deltas or half moons but they have extra jagged bits which extend the webbing of the fin. It looks like a comb hence the name.


Crown tail

Crown tail is like the comb tail but the long pointed but extended further either double or triple in length they are very showy and fancy fish and very popular as they are very attractive to look at.


As there are so many colours here are just a few.



Red and white 




 Blue and white








Green and red  



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