It is best to only put male and female betta together when breeding. it is best to pop them in together then watch them to make sure they are getting on, the male will then build a special nest at the top of the water it is made entirely of bubbles as the male is the one that takes care of the babies. Watch them untill they mate, once they have and she has layed eggs she must be removed as she will eat the eggs the dad will take care of them as soon as the female lays them the dad will be busy collecting them up and placing them in his bubble nest two days later these will hatch, they have to stay in the bubble nest as when they are born they do not have gills. Dad needs to stay in the tank with them for two days after they hatch because if they fall out the nest they will sink and drown so dad keeps an eye on them and continues to lift them back up to the surface in to the bubble nest. When you start to see the babies swiming around which tends to be 2-3 day after hatching the male will need to be removed other wise he will begin to eat them. The fry need to be feed on small food such as micro worms 3 times a day but dont feed them to much at a time as they are only small and wont eat much. As they get bigger food can be increased in size, so when they are about 2 weeks start feeding them live brine shrimp these can be placed in the tank and left as they are live for a little while, but the brine shrimp must be removed from the water they come in before feeding but still try and feed little at a time. Also still feed micro worm as well. At a month old you can start swapping micro worms for grindal worms and start adding special fry food.

I have found a really good websit which is worth reading if you are going to breed i have found it very interesting  Take a look click on about bettas and scroll down to breeding.

Sometime male bettas will make bubble nests even if you are not going to breed from them and dont have a female.

I have never breed bettas my self but i find it very interesting above is a bubble nest and a male and female betta mating below are some pictures of stages.

newly hatched betta 

month old 

three month old 

two week old 

two month old 

baby betta 

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