Siamese fighting fish naturally in the wild would eat live food. when they are fry (babies) betta have to eat little bugs that are found in pond water. But as adults theycan be fed live daphnia, brine shrimp and blood worm before placing these in the tank you will need to fish a few out of the water they are in before placing them in the tank for your betta to eat as you dont want to contaminate the bettas water, only feed your betta a little at a time. Also you can buy special floating pelet of flake food designed for bettas, one of mine will only eat the pelet food and my other four are quiet happy to eat any thing , so most the time they are quiet easy to feed and one of mine took three days to start eating the flake but in the end he did, but often they are not to fussy, and all of mine will eat dried blood worm i dont feed any of mine live as i dont like the idea, but i do feed them frozen blood worm and the packet blood worm. It is best to feed your betta twice a day i feed mine first thing in the morning which i give them dried blood worm and then either there pelet or flake food at night, you should only give them a small pinch other wise the tank will become dirty and the water conditon will become poor. You should be able to see once they have eaten there throats will become very round and full if the next morning it still looks huge either give them a tiny tiny amount or dont feed them just feed them at night that day. At first this may not notice on your fish but after a while it should if it doesnt dont worry as long as there body condition looks good that is the main thing.

Above is the floating pellet i use its made by hikari bio gold and it is a really good food. 

Below is dryed blood worm.

Above is the flake food i use i really like this food as it is flake and has dryed shrimp in it to its a really good quality food. 

the make is tetra betta

To the left is  packet daphnia. I feed mine this but the blood worm one instead. They also do a brine shrimp one.

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