Most of my bettas are kept in seperate tanks or with a few small fish in a comunity fish tank , i have found that they seem to do a little better on there own as they do not have compertition over food and they wont pick up illnesses off other fish. My indervidual bettas are kept in 10 gallon tanks. The bigger the space the happier your betta will be also in the tank you will need to have artifical or real plant as bettas need some where to hide if they need to, also an ornament can be added as they can hide in it. It is better if you can provide them with a heater and a pump but it is not nessary as they can still do as well with out one, the water temp needs to be roughly between 70-80 f  but if you have a warm room it will probably stay between 65 - 72 f which will be fine for the betta, also in the wild they live in shallow pools or water so they dont need as much oxygen as other fish so it doesnt harm them if you dont have a pump, some of my bettas do not have heaters or pumps and they seem to do really well though it is better to try and keep the water at a constant temperature so it might be worth investing in a heater. Some bettas rather be with out a pump as they do not enjoy the movement or the water but most dont mind only one of mine was fussy.

Below is a nice sized tank for a betta shown with heater and pump.


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