My bettas 

When i first started keeping bettas i didnt really know much about them only that two males will fight i used to alway keep one in my large tropical fish tank and my favorate were always the blue colour, once i didnt have any fish i sold my tank, only recently i got another small tropical tank and started keeping tropical fish and bettas again i started finding really pritty bettas for sale in the shops where as before i only saw red, blue and yellow but recently i have really got in to keeping them and have found some really nice mixtures of colour so i bougth one blue betta to go in my tropical tank, unfortunatly he only lived 3 months then died then i found a beautiful rainbow coloured one but sadly he didnt live long either but third time lucky i got a white half moon and he is doing great then i saw another i really liked and bought him and thats when i started keeping more and now i have five.


This is my white half moon he has slightly nipped fins at the moment as one of the fish in the tank with him was a little naughty. Pearl lives in a tank with many other fish the platie keep nipping his tail fins. In the tank i have 2 albino leopard danios, 1 platie, 1 molly, 9 male guppies, 2 long fined white clouds, 3 thread thin rainbow fish, 1 butterfly sucker, 3 cherry shrimp 1 female is pregnant and pearl the betta. Pearl is really gental quiet betta he is the smallest betta i have, he is happy to eat any thing going. I have had pearl for about 2 months now September 2008.

 Past away Febuary 2009 born January 2008


Dragon is my red betta he has unusual blue spots on his body you can slightly see them in the picture just below his top fin. He is a veil tailed betta. Dragon is happy to eat anything he lives in a tank divided in half with a pump and heater i have only had dragon for a month and have only recently moved him to his new divided tank shown in the picture below. He lives next to bo bo and they enjoy each others company through the divider he seems a very gentle fish, once the water in the tank has settled i am think of placing two small fish in with him.

Since the death of bo bo, dragon now has the whole tank to himself as i was going to keep the tank divided and get another betta but i took the divider out and dragon enjoyed the bigger space and i felt mean to divide it again so he has the whole lot and he shares it now with a flame snail and 2 pygmy catfish.

Dragon past away April 2009 Born March 2008


Romeo in his new tank 

Romeo is my blue betta, he is a really gentle fish. He is a viel tale cross crown tail as you can see in the first picture his bottom fin is jagged looking. Romeo lives in a non heated tank with out a pump i have had him for a year now(2009). Romeo is a fussy eater and will not eat flake food or the blood worm in jelly he will only eat the pelet food and dryed blood worm. June 2009 he got dropsy but luckly treatment worked and he survived and is now a very healthy happy fish. 

 Born May 2008 Romeo past away 19th december 2009. I really loved romeo he was a great fish.


Prince is my white and pink viel tailed betta. He has recently died. I had prince for 7 months and he sadly he became ill, i tryed to treat him but it didnt work. When i first bought prince he was really small skinny dull (almost see through fins no colour) thing he was living in a pint glass all depressed sitting at the bottom after having him a few weeks you could tell he was much happier he really started colouring up after feeding him on proper betta flake food for a monthe he coloured up like in the pictures he had amazing red streaks through his fins he was so pritty. Prince would never eat pelet food. He was aggressive towards other fish and even his little snail friend that lived with him he lived in a tank with out a heater or pump.


 Past away June 2008 born October 2007

Bo bo

Bo bo has a purple/blue metalic body, dark red head and red/blue/purple and white/clear fins. He is a really pritty colour. He is a viel tail. I have only had him for about a month. I bought him shadow and dragon at the same time. Bo bo lives next to dragon in the divided tank with pump and heater. He will eat any food you give him he is a friendly fish.

He sadly past away March 2009 due to being constapated.

Born January 2008



above and to the left is shadow in his old tank .

Below is shadow in his new tank. 

Shadow is my red/purple metalic colour fish he loves displaying he lives on his own in a tank with out a pump or heater i have only had him for about a month. He loves to swim over and see you. He enjoys making bubble nests shown in the pictures below .

Shadows old tank with his lovely bubble nest he has made. 

Shadow past away July 2009. Born May 2008.



 This is flame he is my rainbow looking betta. He has a pale white coloured body with red and blue fins he is a very friendly fish. He is a viel tail betta These pictures above are of him when i first got him he is only young as he was fairly small when i got him. I have had him for about 4 months now. He lives in a seperate tank on his own without a pump or heater.



I got nemo is a beautiful red betta with lots of blue dots along his sides i got him on the 24th january 2010.


Singapore, Scar and wildthing got march 2010


Pics and more info about them coming soon. 



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