It is extreamly easy to sex betta, males have big long flowing fins and are very colourful where as females have sort fins and are a little duller in colour. In shops males are usually seen in mixed tanks with other fish or in seperate tanks were as females are seen in a tank together as they dont fight. Below are two pictures they are both the blue colour but one is male and the other is female.



Some species can be harder to sex than others. In march 2010 i bought 3 roundtail bettas in the shop it said they were female but i could tell that half of them were male and i let the shop know the 3 i bought i thought were two females and a male as the two females a fairly pritty fins but were alot paler in colour and the male was a very bright vivid colour including his body I put them in my large tank together as they had been living together for a long time any way and they all started displaying to eachother obviously i was very confused the so called females really coloured up and lost there stripes in seconds and looked just like the actual male so i believe they are all males i have been looking of other sites to find out other ways or sexing them as usually the females will be pale in colour or not as fancy as the males, below is how to sex round tail bettas.



Sexing round tail bettas

The pictures below are of a female and male round tail bettas. The picture on the left is a female and the picture on the right is male 2 of my males origionally looked like this female then they really coloured up when displaying when they are not displaying there colour fades and looks like a female again were as the definate male keeps his colour all the time. When reading other articals on the web some people say you can sex them by there long fin that is under there body if it is mor rectangle looking when they are swimming then it is female or is it is more at an angle, wider and has more of a point is is male you can clearly see this in the pictures, i have never sexed bettas like this before so i dont know how acurate it actually is. Also some people say the you can tell by there hanging fins under the fish by their head if they are small then they are female if they are long then they are male again i dont know how well this actually works as i have never tried this way before. And finally obviously if a male it placed next to another male and it displays then it is male.

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